Art as Memory Therapy

Art can stimulate an individual's memories even when they have Alzheimer's.  Apparently, this may be a result of the disease taking a long time before damaging the parietal lobe.  Berna Huebner found this connection with her mother Hilda Goldblatt Gorenstein who was the artist known as Hilgos.  After her mother was unable to communicate due to Alzheimer's, Berna found she could still communicate through art.

Berna ended up creating the Hilgos Foundation to encourage art as a therapy for individuals with memory impairment disorders.  The foundation grants funds to art students who work with Alzheimer's patients.  As a result of the work being done by the foundation and the students it supports, a documentary has been created called "I Remember Better When I Paint."

While the full movie is not yet available on-line, it is being shown on various PBS stations this fall.  Mom was able to catch it last week and found it to be a well-done film with implications for the care of Alzheimer's patients.

The film was premiered at Boston University which then hosted a panel discussion following the airing of the film.

If you are able to catch the full film, I encourage you to do so.  If not, perhaps these clips will give you some insight into the topic.

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