Being Brave

Mom writes:

"We had a hint of a rain storm go by a little while ago.  The sidewalks are almost wet and I love that smell.  Some wind, a breeze.  BUT there was some thunder.  Need I say it was amusing to watch these two?

Nikka began to shake before the thunder.  Lyn was very brave, telling the dog "It's ok.  I'll protect you."  She then got on the floor with her arm around Nikka.  I couldn't tell who was the most nervous.

I asked Lyn if she was anxious and she said "just a little because Nikka's nervous.  I can't explain it.  Can I go take a bath?" I told her to wait until it was gone so she could help keep Nikka calm.  I knew that if I said we don't take a bath/shower when there thunder or lightening she would have been frightened.

She's now running water."


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