How long ago was it that Lyn hated leftovers?  Not that long ago; just a year or two.  There was a period of time where she figured leftovers weren't leftovers if you put them in her lunch containers right away.  If you transferred food from the fridge into her lunch containers, then the food was leftovers and she wouldn't eat them.  Now, she's totally fine with leftovers for lunch and doesn't want non-leftovers.

Mom writes:

I packed her lunch this morning with her standing 2 feet away, supervising.  Nothng was said.

On the way to day-hab I hear, "Did you give me leftovers?  You know that's the only thing I like."

"Yes, I did."  Silence for about 10 minutes then "I know you put banana bread in my lunch."

"Yes, a small slice."  

"Well, when we get to day-hab can you open my lunch box and, and, and........?"

 "You can open it now.  So, you don't want the banana bread?"

 "Well, I still like it but don't want to eat it."  She opened it and took the slice out and gave to me.

I said "you don't have to eat something you don't like."

"I like it but just don't want to eat it."


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