Of Hooks and Eyes

Bras are now a challenge for Lyn.  She's no longer able to hook the bra herself when she gets dressed each morning.  She comes out of her room and asks Mom for help getting dressed now.

If I remember correctly, Lyn's preferred method of putting on her bra is to put it on and then reach around to hook the clasp.  This is the front loading method.  She doesn't hook in front and then twist the bra around into the proper position.  So, the issue is not one of vision.  She's never had to look at the hooks and eyes to get her bra latched (mostly) properly.  She does it by feel.  How?  It has always remained a mystery to me.

If you think about it, putting on a bra, now matter how you do it, is a complicated, multi-step process.    Lining up your hands and getting those little hooks into their eyes is tough.  Perhaps it is time to consider switching her to a pull on bra.  She can still pull a shirt over her head and a pull on bra would let her use those same skills for her underpinnings as well.


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