Can You Do That

The conversations are becoming amusing between Mom and Lyn.

She went to bed about 6:45 and wanted Mom to tuck her in.  The evenings are warm.  With Lyn's door closed and condenser running it's warmer for her. She came down the hall after being in bed for about an hour and half.

Lyn: Do I have to sleep with covers on?
Mom: Not at all.  You need to be comfortable.
L:  I don't know what to do then.
M: Do you want the ceiling fan on?
L: Can you do that?

Mom went to her room and  pulled everything to the foot of the bed.  When Mom had tucked her in earlier all she pulled up was the sheet.  Lyn had pulled the spread and fleece up after Mom left her room.  Mom turned the fan on and pulled everything to the foot of her bed.  Mom told her that even when she's asleep, if she gets cool or a little bit cold, she could pull them up.

I wish I could have seen the look of surprise on her face.


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