Brain Connections

Lyn has a new way of explaining her disease and how her brain works.  Last week, she explained her brain to the staff at day hab in a very concise way.  She stated:

"Half of my brain is connected and the other half isn't.  So, I can't do everything like I used to."

The staff had asked if she understood what they had just said to her.  She didn't and this was her explanation.  I think it is right on target.  It is also a good reminder that individuals with Alzheimer's are often aware of their disease and its progressive changes.


  1. FIL has almost completely lost his ability to finish a sentence in the last couple of months. He goes searching for a word and forgets what he was thinking about in the first place. He has no awareness of his disease at all, anosognosia, which is, I think harder for us (caregivers) than for him.


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