Sharing Recipes

I love cooking.  When I was newly married, my ability to cook was questionable at best.  There have been some epic failures along the way but somewhere along the line, I acquired a few skills and am not half bad.    I am, by no means, a skilled chef but I don't risk poisoning my family either.  Lyn knows I cook and that I'm always open to new suggestions.  In this week's Skype call, she graciously shared with me her new favorite recipe.

I was telling her about a comment my sister-in-law shared about her eldest child's love of tortillas and cheese but dislike of quesadillas.  The word "tortilla" prompted my sister to ask if I knew that she liked to eat tortillas with her dinner sometimes.  Being from New Mexico, I think it is pretty much a requirement to always have tortillas (or the ability to make tortillas) on hand.  We might run out of bread but we won't run out of tortillas.  I think there's a law requiring that somewhere.  Thus, Lyn's declaration that she likes to eat a tortilla with dinner is nothing new and I supported her proclamation with a "Of course!  Tortillas are always good."  That's when she stopped me to explain I didn't know how she likes her tortillas with dinner.

"You warm up the tortilla," she started.
"About 15 seconds in the microwave," interjected Mom.
"Then you put butter all over it." She continued.  (I'm still with her at this point.)
"Then you put cinnamon on it." She beamed with delight. "Fold it in half so it isn't messy.  That's how I like it!  It's good!"  And there she lost me.  There's no sugar; just plain cinnamon added to the butter.

I looked to Mom for confirmation.  Turns out that Lyn was quite specific in her instructions to Mom earlier this week when she asked for a tortilla with dinner.  She inhaled it and asked for a second.  Mom reports that she's eaten them about 3 times this week.  It is not a dessert.  She's eating it as she's eating the rest of her meal.

If it makes her happy, then I'm happy for her even if I won't put plain cinnamon on my flour tortilla.


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