Empathy Cards

Artist, Emily McDowell has come up with a brilliant idea in her line of Empathy Cards!  A colleague shared the post announcing them with me on Monday and I fell in love with the cards and the messages they convey.  While the cards were inspired by the artist's own experience with cancer, they are written in such a way that they can apply to many serious illnesses.

Ever wonder why Alzheimer's is often referred to as a journey when the destination is death?  Yeah.  Me too.  (I know I've been guilty of using it myself.)  This card fits.

Did Alzheimer's happen for a reason?  What reason is that?

Since when did coconut oil cure any form of dementia?  No, eating more cholesterol will not feed the brain and reverse Alzheimer's.  There's a card for that too.

Have you reached out to a care giver today?  Have you let a connection to someone slip a bit because of your lack of words to address their situation?  Don't let that keep you from sending love and support any longer.

I love the feel of the artwork and the honesty of the words.  I like that they're able to cover so many serious situations for which we may lack our own words.

So, if you find yourself wanting to share a bit of empathy and wanting to support someone in a simple and meaningful way, consider these as an option.


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