Daily Announcements

Announcements from last Friday:

2:00     Sometimes my brain doesn't work, it jumps from one side to the other.

2:20     I'm going to get a bath. I feel sticky.

3:30     It's time for you to be happy to fix dinner.

4:00     Nikka's happy because I'm home.

4:15     While eating, I don't want to watch Maury cuz I don't like all the yelling and short dresses.

5:00     I'm going to bed so I can get some good sleep.

5:15     Sound asleep

Personally, I would love it too if someone was always happy to fix me dinner.  She had been asking for Mom to cook for the past several months by asking "Would you be happy to make dinner now?"  It has not become a statement and not a request.


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