Deciding on Dinner

Mom had promised to take Lyn out on a picnic on Sunday, trying to make up for a tough day at day-hab on Friday.  Mom had planned for the lunch but didn't remember to take something out for dinner before they left.  When they arrived home, they called me so we could Skype.  It was late in the afternoon and I had already put dinner in the oven for my family.

Lyn asked what I had fixed and I had shared with her the meal plan.  I could tell she probably didn't even know what twice-baked potatoes are.  Mom indicated they needed to figure out what to fix.  Without hesitation, I suggested breakfast for dinner.  Lyn made a face than indicated she wasn't thrilled with the idea.

Later, I received an email from Mom.  After our call, Lyn had told her "I don't like breakfast at night but are you allowed to make french toast for me to eat?"  Mom assured her that she could eat french toast at any time, day or night, if that's what she wanted.


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