Each afternoon, while Mom is preparing dinner, she asks Lyn to set their places.  Lyn collects the silverware from the drawer and gets a napkin for each of them.  She's been doing this small chore for decades.  I remember her doing it when we were kids.

Earlier this week, she told Mom she wanted spaghetti but "I just can't make up my mind."  Mom started cooking the spaghetti and asked Lyn to set their places.  Lyn stood before the drawer, total confusion nearly sending her into a panic.  She didn't know which pieces of silverware to pick from the drawer.  Mom asked Lyn to get one fork and two spoons.  Mom already had a fork and knife on the counter which she would use to cut up Lyn's serving, passing Lyn the fork when being served.  

Once Lyn had the necessary utensils, she placed the fork and spoon at her place and left the spoon for Mom.  Mom asked Lyn to shift the fork to her spot.  Mom tried several times to convey what she wanted to Lyn.  Again, the panic was close to the surface.  Mom walked over and moved the fork herself.

Mom's seen this a time or two over the years but it is happening with increasing frequency.  Lyn's having a harder time recognizing utensils and how they should be used.  While Mom gives her a fork, Lyn mostly resorts to using a spoon.  We've also noticed that she now actively grunts with most bites.  

We will keep asking her to help for as long as she's able to assist.  Every little bit of stimulation is needed to help keep her engaged.


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