End of Summer

Summer is ending and already the quality of the light has changed.  The shadows are a bit more crisp and stretched.  The days are shortening and we anticipate an increase in Lyn's Sundowning symptoms.  Summer is such a nice break from them because the daylight often lasts longer than she does.

She is retreating again into herself.  There are days now when she declares she doesn't want to day hab.  She doesn't know why.  She doesn't have the words to express it.  There are days when she doesn't even want to go out of the house or change out of what she wore to bed the night before.  For now, Mom can still get her to bathe daily and at least change into clean pajamas at the end of the day.

We know that as the summer light dims, she will too.  Each spring sees her less intact than the year before.


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