Uncle Howdy

Howard Morgan was a weatherman in Albuquerque for many years.  He drew a smiley face on the sun each time the graphic was used in his weather displays and named it "Thermo."  He was also Uncle Howdy on a children's television show.  He worked in the Albuquerque marked from 1971 until his retirement in 1999.

Earlier this week, Lyn was watching television when she turned to Mom and asked if Mom knew who Howard Morgan was.  Lyn went on to explain "He used to be on this channel and did the weather.  He would draw circles and put faces on them.  Sometimes, he dressed as a clown."  Howard has been off the air for almost 16 years.  His children's show has been off air much longer.

Something triggered a long buried and rarely used neural pathway in her.  Mom says these random, deep memories happen more frequently these days.  Alzheimer's is a strange place.


  1. I was just watching and old re-run of M.A.S.H. and am always reminded of Howard morgan and Thermo as I would stay up late with my grandpa and watch the news here in Albuquerque and he would draw the smily faces and M.A.S.H. would come on after the news...


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