They are Working on it

The various folks who work with Lyn had an email exchange in which ideas were shared to identify ways to help Lyn feel safer on outings.  Several mitigation strategies have been suggested.

  • Have Lyn wait on the van until everyone is off 
  • Have a staff member escort her off the van while giving her verbal cues
  • Add a contrasting color tape to the van steps to highlight where they are
  • Have a contrasting color mat placed on the ground to give Lyn a visual target to focus on
I believe they are looking to see if adding the contrasting color tape is a possibility.  For the rest of the suggestions, training and practicing will have to take place, but they are workable.  We won't know f any of these suggestions will prove effective.  However, they are worth trying and if any of them help, they may extend her ability to participate in the day hab activities.

One thing that we all need to remember is that Lyn is not trying to give anyone a hard time when she asks for help or melts down.  This is not her trying to just get her own way.  Yes, it can be perceived to be controlling behavior.  She is trying to control her environment so that she can figure out how to safely navigate it.  She is not giving the staff a hard time.  She is having a hard time.


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