Towards the end of last week, Lyn came to Mom and announced that she needed new panties.  She only had one pair left.  Mom had just done Lyn's laundry two days prior to this exchange and was a bit surprised by the rapid decline in available underwear.  She checked Lyn's drawer and found one pair and an unopened package of new panties.  Instead of opening the package and putting them in for the wash, Lyn had just put them in her drawer.

Mom then went to Lyn's laundry basket and found all of the others.  Lyn had changed her underwear each time she changed her clothes (up to three times a day) and some smelled of urine.  Mom had realized that recently she had started to smell traces of urine when they were in the car together.

Mom asked Lyn if she was having little accidents and Lyn denied it.  She was defensive about it.  The evidence was at hand and it was pointless to argue with her.  So, Mom took a different tactic and pointed out that sometimes "when adult women sleep very soundly they may not realize the need to go to the bathroom."  Yes!  Lyn immediately agreed that happens.  It is hard to judge what is just a response to a suggestion and what really isn't.  However, the evidence was at hand that Lyn is starting to have issues with incontenance from time to time.

Mom pointed out that this happens to enough adult women of a certain age that there are commercials for disposable nighttime panties.  Would Lyn be open to trying them?  Yes!  She is very open to trying these nighttime garments and made a point of telling me about them during our Skype conversation yesterday.  Mom had sent me an email about it earlier in the week.  I was glad for that because when Lyn raised the subject, I was able to support Mom's suggestion while making it just a normal part of life.


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