At Least the Dog Helps

Mom writes:

Lyn's had a very difficult time finding words for the past 2 days.  This morning was the worst!!  She always likes to help me do the grocery list.  I ask what we need such as milk or bread.  I had already done it but wanted her to participate.

She stood by the fridge with a puzzled expression.  She opened the fridge & said "milk."  I got it.  She opened the pantry and just stood there very quiet.  When she turned around she asked "what about, you know, the green things you tear off?  I don't remember what they're called but I don't see them."  I had NO idea what she might have been thinking.  Is it something we eat?  Something we wear or bathe with?  "No! I don't remember the name."  Do we use them in the kitchen or bathroom or dining room?  She turned away and said she didn't know so I asked about toothpaste.  She again said she didn't know so I dropped it.

I asked her to get me the folder with coupons.  She wasn't sure where it was, even tho I've kept it by the phone for 3 years.  I pointed to it and she seemed surprised.

When I picked her up she was withdrawn.  Her lower back aches.  She couldn't wait to sit down with Nikka.  Nikka knew exactly what to do.  Look at how she's watching Lynn.

Now, things are lively.  What a great dog!!!  They are playing tug of war.


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