Is it Safe?

Lyn had a discombobulated day at day hab yesterday.  She was rather shaken up when Mom picked her up and, after finding out why, it is understandable.

One of the other clients had a violent outburst.  The client was hitting and trying to bite.  The client broke a number of mugs by throwing them to the floor.  When the outburst began, the staff responded immediately.  While some tried to call the client, the rest of the staff quickly gathered the rest of the clients into the movie room.  The staff stayed in the room with them and locked the door from the inside, keeping the volatile client out of the room and the rest safe from harm.  The staff did calm the client and then made arrangements for the client's day at the facility to come to a close.

Let me stress that the staff acted quickly to protect all of the clients, including the one who was having the outburst.  When the event was over, they made sure the upset client was with someone at all times and they went to each of the other clients to assure them that it was over.  They spoke to each one of how proud they were that they moved quickly into the movie room and remained calm.  They told them that their actions helped ease the situation.

Lyn was genuinely frightened as I'm sure some of the other clients were as well.  The 20 minute ride home showed how rattled she really was because she went through telling Mom of the events at least four times and they were identical conversations each time.  Between each, Lyn repeated her normal mantra of how Nikka was waiting for her.  When she would start the story again, she didn't remember having had the conversation before.

After they were home, she went through it several more times.  Finally, she was worn out enough to decide to take her bath.  When she came out, she asked "Is it safe?" She had transitioned from fear to worry.  Mom was able to assure her that the staff was highly trained and that they had protected Lyn and the other clients.  Lyn was calm enough to accept it.

She indicated she wants to return to day hab today.


  1. How frightening for all of you, and all of them at the hab. I hope Thursday is an especially calm and smooth day.


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