Neuropsych Eval 2016 part 2

Day two of the evaluation went very well.  Mom learned that the first evaluation which was done on Lyn a few years ago was more focused on evaluating Lyn's IQ and was not focused or specific to dementia.  This one was focused on dementia and not IQ.

The doctor worked with Lyn for about an hour after they first arrived.  The second hour was spent with Ruby the dog and the doctor's assistant. (Ha!  I just realized I blithely named the dog while avoiding people names.  I'm not sure what that says but it amused me.)  Lyn was nice and cooperative when working with both.  The doctor did note how "highly distractible" Lyn is and how easily she "goes dow a rabbit hole" during a conversation.

While Lyn worked with the assistant, the doctor asked about Lyn's daily life, what she does and how she reacts.  She indicated it is a good thing that Lyn's never left unsupervised at this point.

The doctor indicated she had all the information she needed and Lyn's cooperation allowed them to complete the necessary evaluation in just two sessions.  The third session is not needed.  In a few weeks, Mom will visit with the doctor again to get the results of her evaluation.

As a treat for her cooperation, Mom took Lyn to lunch at our Aunt's sandwich shop.

While it took quite a bit of effort to line up this evaluation, we are feeling as though it was worth the effort.  When we get the results, I'll share them with you.


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