Internet Safety

This weekend, Mom told me she took a couple of pictures of Lyn while they were out visiting the Bosque.  Lyn was immediately agitated.  She was not happy about Mom taking one picture, much less two.

She remembered when Mom asked to take a picture of her by their car but was not aware that Mom had taken one of her stomping away from the camera.

She started to lecture us on how to be safe on the internet and that posting pictures was a dangerous thing to do.  Lyn was ready to spin herself up and I decided to use some pretty strong tactics to redirect her.  First, I assured her that Mom approves every picture of Lyn that goes on the blog.  Second, I check them over and make sure that there is nothing inappropriate.  I assured her we don't want to make her feel uncomfortable or put her in any danger.  Finally, I pulled out the big guns.  I told her that sometimes, if I'm not sure about a post, I have my husband check it over.  Now, I didn't tell her that this final check is usually reserved for when I mention our children.  I felt that refining point would just muddy the waters for her.

Lyn listened and was clearly trying to think through what I was saying.  I had to repeat it a second time, particularly the bit about my husband, before she accepted it.  She did though and quickly calmed down.  She was pleased to know that he had a eye on things and was keeping Mom and me in check.  She has always deferred to him and Mom and I will unashamedly use him to help redirect her when needed.  He knows the score and goes along with it.

So, when the pictures were sent, there was included instructions that he was to check the pictures "so he can decide if they're ok."  He's checked them over and, with a chuckle, given his approval for us to post.


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