We've been doing some work on our server at home.  As the settings have changed my laptop started having difficulty connecting to the net.  My husband worked on the connection last night and got it working.  When I sat down to Skype with Mom and Lyn, I was expecting to be able to connect without a problem.  I wasn't so lucky.  Fortunately, I was able to connect to Skype via my phone as my husband took another look at my laptop.

A minute or so later, he turned the laptop back to me.  It was up and connected.  To confirm, he had done a very helpful inquiry on Google for "someone who can't work computers."  He's subtle like that.  He declared the laptop had OE or pebcak issues.  Knowing exactly what he meant (the problem was me; not the computer), I leaned off camera and flipped him off.  He chuckled and left.

When Mom confirmed what he was saying and I admitted to flipping him off, Lyn immediately started to chastise me.  Somehow, the topic of sex got incorporated into the reprimand.  Lyn advised me that I should not have sex or flip people off in cars.  I should not do these things because she doesn't do these things.  I had to cover my mouth and stifle my laughter.  She was angry with me and was very serious in her reprimand.

I have agreed to not have sex in cars.  In the meantime, the laptop continues to have some connection issues and my husband admits it may not be the ID-10-T (idiot) error.


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