Circus 2016

Yesterday was the annual trip to the Shriner's Circus.  Lyn was excited to go.  When asked if she wanted Mom to take her or for her respite provider to take her, Lyn was clear that she wanted Mom to take her.

Lyn loves going and her favorite event of the show is the motorcycle stunts.  She didn't talk much about it when we spoke after the show.  She wanted to let me know that there were two elephants and a camel.  She was delighted that she was able to purchase a program with lots of pictures and one of the clowns gave her two pins.

From the time they parked to the time they returned to the car, Lyn enjoyed herself.  Clowns greeted guests in the parking lot and helped bring a festive air from the moment they arrived.

They were also there to wish them well on their way after the show.

At one point, Mom commented that they never see anyone they know at the circus despite how well attended it is.  A few moments later, Mom spotted our Aunt and her grandson.  They were on the far side of the area and Mom was not able to greet them before they were lost in the crowd.  Not long after, Mom was startled to have another woman place her head on Mom's shoulder.  Fortunately, Mom quickly realized it was a dear friend of mine and her family.  Mom and Lyn run into her from time to time and Lyn has continued to remember who she is regardless of the context and unplanned nature of the encounters.  Personally, I love when they see each other.  I get comments from both parties about their encounters.  I also love that my friend still greets and is greeted by my family with love.

The circus day is always a very exciting day for Lyn even though it tends to be long and increasingly exhausting for her.  She intends to make a thank you card for the Shriners who send her tickets.  It is a kindness which is deeply appreciated.


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