No Travel

In the early Spring, I have to travel for my company's annual conference.  It is several days filled with presentations, client interactions and lots of walking.  The conference is hosted in different cities each year and I've been fortunate to be able to stay for a few days to explore the host city.

This year's city is Denver.  I'm excited!  We have friends who live there and we're already planning to get together for dinner.  The day after the conference, I'll zip down to Colorado Springs to meet up with my Mother's third daughter, a very dear friend from high school.

We've known for a year that the conference will be in Colorado.  Colorado Springs is only about 5 hours north of Mom's place.  When I learned of the location last year, I let Mom know and we very tentatively planned for her and Lyn to drive up to meet us for an overnight visit.  We had thought that Nikka could come to help ease Lyn's anxieties.

The trip would have been possible a year ago.  It is not possible any longer.  Lyn has a couple of appointments the week of the conference but, more importantly, the distance of the travel and the overnight stay in a hotel will be too much for her.  We've been engaged with the Alzheimer's community long enough to realize that there comes a time when travel really and honestly becomes impossible.  Lyn 's comfort is more important than a brief visit.  The fallout on Mom would be significant.  Lyn would not do well for the 5 hour drive in either direction.  She wouldn't do well in the hotel overnight.

So, we'll forgo a visit in the spring and still plan for a visit in the Summer.  We'll also be prepared to stay in a hotel if that's easiest on Mom.


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