The Accident

Mom wrote:

Reading "The Panter" reminded me of when Lyn was hit by a car in 1996. 

(Mom and Lyn were crossing a street.  The driver stopped, acknowledged them and allowed them to cross as he was waiting to turn into traffic.  Lyn was a couple of steps behind Mom and was hit when the man felt there was a large enough gap to make his left turn.  His car threw her into traffic but the gap was enough to let the oncoming car stop.)

She hit her head, 3 times it bounced on the pavement. Thank God the only "damage" was a huge knot on the back of her head. Remember, she wasn't able to read more than "survival" words at this time. After about a week after being hit, I began to notice her reading. We went to the zoo where she read all the little signs, PERFECTLY. So when we were at bowling the next Saturday I was telling her coach, a former teacher of her's, about this change. She told me that it was impossible.

I called Lyn over and asked her to tell me what a certain sign said, told her I didn't have my glasses. She read it perfectly!!! Walked away in disgust as tho I should have known what it said. Her coach stood there with her mouth open.

For 6 wks Lyn read captions in the newspaper, billboards etc. It was sooooo exciting.

Then one morning she woke up and it was all gone. She couldn't even remember how to tie her shoes. But for those wonderfully, exciting 6 wks, God gave me a hint as to what could have been. I told her coach it was forgotten & we were back to being worse than before.  So we started over in some of the training.  Now she can "read" about 100 words but struggles more and more with "b" and "d" as well as others. She guesses alot of the time.


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