A Child is Born

As I mentioned, there will be posts from me and some from Mom.  Below is something Mom wrote when she couldn't sleep after getting Lyn's dementia diagnosis:

A child is born, hopes are raised, love increases.  Dreams are there whether or not they are recognized.

A child is not perfect, hopes are dashed, love increases.  As that child grows, develops and learns pride and encouragement are ever present.  Life goes on, all experiences, good or bad, are enriching for parent and child.
Every child learns differently and parents must realize the differences are God given and must be celebrated.

As the child grows we become “used to” the norm and have no idea how this special child will continue to achieve. Or will they?  My child is now a 40 yr old who has never fit into a peg hole, she is who she is and I thank God for allowing me to do what I could for her without knowing if it was right or wrong.  But now, she’s changing.

No one knows the future.  Some of us dared not dream of the future but the future is now.  I had no idea “children” like her are at a higher risk of early dementia.  It’s a true slap in the face.

She has suddenly “forgotten” life long lessons.  She is uncomfortable doing new things.  An annual trip was very difficult for her so it probably will be the final one.

Here I will keep track of my thoughts and feelings.  I have no other place to turn.  This will help me sort things out as we begin the rounds of MRI, EEG, lab and Neurology appointments.


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