Just Getting Started

Lyn is my sister.  She was born in 1971 and is 40 years old as of this post.  She was born intellectually disabled but has competed in Special Olympics since she was 6.  She still competes.  She worked for Wendy's restaurant for 19 years, if I remember correctly.  She quit a year ago and now, I don't think she'll ever return to work.  You see, two weeks ago, Lyn was diagnosed with dementia. 

Finding information about dementia is proving to be pretty easy.  Finding information about early on-set dementia, even from a patient perspective, is not too hard.  Finding information about early on-set dementia in the intellectually disabled is proving to be a challenge. 

This blog will serve as a place for our mother and I to collect our thoughts about Lyn's diagnosis and the changes we observe happening to her. We hope to provide you with updates about Lyn as well as information about dementia, the intellectually disabled, and the two together.  We want to record why Lyn's life matters to us and the other people who know her.  If in the process of doing all this, we help you understand a little more about the intellectually disabled, dementia or another topic, then we will count this blog as a success.

To say we were stunned by Lyn's diagnosis is an understatement.  However, we're already adapting to her new reality and looking for resources to help her continue living a fully enjoyable life.  So, dementia be damned!


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