Recently Observed Changes

These are the recently observed changes in Lyn which caused Mom to seek assistance.  The changes were brought up in a review with my sister's team.  You'll hear more about them later.  They all agreed that something was not right and an appointment was scheduled with her physician.  The physician has since scheduled lab work, an MRI, and an EEG.   When all the tests are complete, they will be seen by the neurologist.

Now, to the changes.

April:  Forgot how to measure detergent & turn washer on.  She had been doing her own laundry for about 20 years.

May:   Forgot how to find radio station & turn radio on in the car using preset stations.

June:   Forgot what menstruation was and panicked when it started.  She has to be reminded to change sanitary pad several times a day.  This one is interesting to me because she's had to deal with menstruation for at least 25 years.  She's regular as clockwork and didn't have a single issue with it last month.  She's also beginning to repeat and repeat and repeat something.


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