She's Aware

Written by Mom, last night:

This afternoon we had errands to run.  I told her I needed to stop at the Dollar Store to get paper cups.  I knew there was something else but couldn’t remember what I else I needed to get.  She wanted Rudy’s BBQ for lunch and while there, again I tried to remember what I needed from Dollar Store.  When we left lunch, she began naming things I might be needing from the store.  I said I knew I should have written it down.  It was decided that between us, both brains weren’t in good working order.

She surprised me, again.  She had a mature outlook when she said “I have something going on in my brain.”  I agreed and said "That’s what we’re trying to find out."  I reminded her that God made everyone different so things wouldn’t get boring.  We talked about her siblings' eyes being brown & hers being blue but they do the same thing, allow you to see.  She said it is the same with brains.  Yes, that lesson she remembers.

I said that with the MRI, EEG and going to see a neurologist he will let us know what’s going on.  We have looked at the MRI images and have no idea what it means.  The neurologist is trained to know exactly what he’s looking at.  “So he can help fix my brain?”  "Well," I said, "he can tell us what we need to do to at least make things better."  I told her sometimes things can’t be “fixed” and we just learn to deal with it and that might be the case.

She nodded and asked if “today we have 4 brain cells between us”.  I laughed and said yes and I think 3 of them are hers.  She doesn’t seem upset about things not being “fixed like before” but knowing that we’ll deal with whatever it is did reassure her.

Tonight at Church she had trouble getting into a kneeling position and at times standing up from a sitting position.

She’s happy right now.  I fixed chicken fettuccini alfredo for dinner and now she’s watching Cops.


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