Deciding Who to Tell

The blood work has been done.  Everything is pretty normal except for a very mildly hypoactive thyroid.  Lyn's now on Levoxyl to treat it.  Hypoactive thyroids run in the family so that's no surprise.  The MRI is done as well.  I hope to post some of the images of Lyn's brain here pretty soon.

Another note from Mom:

Another difficult time getting to sleep.  It’s 2:45am, I have a class to teach tomorrow @ 10 but can’t sleep because much running thru my mind.  I love my daughter and want to protect her.

I’ve decided not to tell family of this journey.  Since we wrote the book on being dysfunctional, I think it will be for the best.  They’ll find out over time.

One of her uncles wrote her off when she in her early teens.  Why?  She wasn’t perfect.  He couldn’t or wouldn’t see all she has offered in life.  The lessons on how to love and accept people because of what’s in their hearts.  The lessons on being positive and seeing beauty in everything around us such as the beautiful sunsets our state is known for.  Or perhaps by seeing her “imperfections” he will have to acknowledge his own shortcomings!

Another uncle believes everything is controlled by our brain.  If, for example, a child is physically ill then he will say it’s because the parent perhaps scolded the child and this is the child’s way of dealing with the negative feelings.  I remember when my daughter was 5 mon old and I’d just brought her home from Europe.  She was diagnosed with bronchitis and he told me this was her way of dealing with her life being upset and the routine being changed.  It was, in truth, her way of punishing me.  ROTFLM_O.

Another uncle, her favorite, is in denial.  I did tell him but he’s shut down about this.  I was there for him during a family crisis but I know he won’t be there for me.  I even asked if he would go with me to get her blood drawn since she’s VERY afraid of needles. He said he wouldn’t since he doesn’t like them either.  She did fine-valium works well!!!!!

At a time like this I know a strong support line is vital.  But when it’s not there you do something else.  I know I have to go to bed when I’d drop-dead tired.  That’s the only way I can fall asleep and not let my mind wander.   I need to wait and see exactly what the MRI and EEG show.  THIS will be a test of my patience.

I’m not going to think about extended family.  I’ll go try to prepare for my class then get some sleep.


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