Birthday Wishes

Today is Mom's birthday.  

It will be a day just like any other.  She'll open her curtains in the morning to check for balloons.  She'll read the paper and make sure she's not listed in the obituaries.  So far so good on that front.  She'll spend her day taking care of Lyn.  She'll get a call from my family.  Hopefully others will call as well.   She won't get her birthday gift from me because I'll bring it with me in two weeks.

I don't know if Lyn made her a picture or not.  I did call and remind her to do so.  Given how I've forgotten Mom's birthday in the past, I don't presume Lyn would remember Mom's birthday even if she didn't have dementia.  I've been reminding her for years.

I know today will be a quiet day but I'll make up for that when I'm there.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you.


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