An Early Start

Lyn's oxygen condenser was making a noise it should not make.  It had started making it with enough frequency that it was making her mad.  Mom called to schedule a service appointment to resolve the issue.  There was an opening this week, but it would require an 8am drop off so the work could be completed in the same day.  This would make sure Lyn did not have to sleep a night without it.

In order for the condenser to be dropped off on time, Mom had to get Lyn up extra early.  The sun was not even hinted at in the sky.  Then again, the Sandia Mountains are to the East of the city and the sun has to crest the mountains before the city sees a full dawn.  It was dark and Lyn was angry about it.

Lyn voiced her anger before they left the house.  She voiced her angrer in the car on the way to drop off the condenser.  She voiced her anger after the condenser was dropped off.  When she was given an opportunity to go to day hab early, she again voiced her anger and added in a shot about it being too early to go there.  Mom gave her the option of going back home to bed.  Day hab looked like a better option to Lyn.

When Lyn's day was over, Mom went to pick her up.  Lyn was still looking for a fight despite having set aside her anger when Mom was out of sight.  Once she was in the car and on the way home, she started back up.  Mom had to get stern to get Lyn to simmer down.

When they got home, Lyn was done for the day.  She was bathed by 4 pm.  She ate dinner at 5 pm and was asleep by 6.  Yesterday morning, she woke just as pleasant as she can be.  A good night's sleep makes all the difference when your ability to regulate your emotional responses is compromised.


  1. Thought you might be interested in this article about a promising development in Alzheimer's research: I thought it was pretty interesting!

    1. Excellant! Thank you for sharing this article. If they are able to cross the blood/brain barrier, then that is progress, indeed.


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