Vitamin E Study

In the interest of maintaining some decorum around here, I opted to skip writing a blog post night before last instead of blogging with a few too many glasses of wine in me.  With the New Year, I figured we all were focused on other things as well.  So now that the festivities are done, let's jump into 2014 with a little research.

At the end of last month, a study was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which indicates that vitamin E may be beneficial to slowing the effects of Alzheimer's in individual's with mild to moderate Alzheimer's over the course of two years.

Now, before you start popping vitamin E pills, keep in mind that the recommended daily dose is only about 22 IU.  The study used 2000 IU of the vitamin which is a dose that is about 89 times greater than recommended the recommended daily dose.  It even exceeds the higher tolerable dose.  Why is this significant?  The vitamin is fat-soluble and an overdose can lead to bleeding problems.

So, more work needs to be done, but this is very interesting.


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