Mom Doesn't Get the Point

"Mom doesn't get the point!" Lyn told their lovely neighbor as they ate lunch together this past weekend.

Lyn was worked up and angry with Mom because Mom had taken a phone call and deliberately excluded Lyn from the conversation.  When the phone rang and Mom identified the caller, she took the phone into her bedroom and closed the door to speak without being listened to or interrupted.  This is a rare action on Mom's part and it greatly upset Lyn.

Lyn informed her conversation partner of Mom's transgression and proceeded to explain just how much taking a private call "upset Nikka.  She was so upset that she kept going to Mom's door and crying."  Mom pointed out that she never heard Nikka; just Lyn coming to the door several times.  Lyn was prepared for this though.  "I had to comfort Nikka, you know!"

Dementia does this to people.  They can become paranoid and angry if their caretakers step out of their sight for even a bathroom break.  Fortunately, despite how angry Lyn was about the event, she also made it a bit easier on Mom.  Mom was able to find the humor in not getting the point.


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