Words are Slipping

The Montana geese story from yesterday is just one example of how Lyn is loosing her ability to use words.  It was very evident last week that she was struggling time after  time.

Mom wrote:

"She struggled this evening with trying to tell me that she needed something.  She kept saying "when I take something."  I didn't want to play 20 questions so I let her struggle.  She was getting ready to go get a bath after 1 hour of PBR.  She kept just saying words that didn't make sense until, finally, she said "what I take when I have headaches."  Tylenol?  She looked so disgusted."

A day later, I received the following note:

"She seems so confused this evening.  She was sitting here playing solitaire and said, "Monday is should get here."  What should?  "What Steph is sending for my bday."  I nearly fainted but said "no, she sent you a card and inside the card was a gift card to Olive Garden."  She had the most confused look!!! "Oh yeah," but I wasn't convienced she remembered.  Fortunately, her cards were still on display.  I handed her the one you guys signed and she just nodded.

She's now asleep and my heart is heavy."

On Sunday, when I had the Skype session going with them, Mom had to step away from the monitor for a few moments to pull a pan out of the oven.  Lyn popped over from her seat into Mom's, as though she was going to speak with me privately.  She just sat there and stared at the computer, saying nothing.  I asked her if she wanted to tell me anything?  What was she thinking?  What was she going to do today?  She never responded.  She just sat and stared.  There was no real recognition that I was talking to her.  When Mom walked back into the room, Lyn moved back to her seat and looked around to spot Nikka.

The days of confusion are increasing and the words are slipping from her faster than we can help her maintain.


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