Lyn, Mom and their lovely neighbor took a winter drive to the Bosque over the weekend.  The rest of the country may have been getting ready for the polar vortex, but they were able to go looking for the wildlife at the reserve.

Lyn surprised Mom by spotting a mule deer which was laying down in some tall grass as they drove by.  They saw more hawks than they've ever spotted before.  They even spotted a pair of Golden Eagles eating some lunch.

About 10 minutes after the picture above was snapped, Lyn started shutting down.  She was done and they still had about 1/4 of the way to go to get to the exit.  Mom spotted the change in Lyn as she drew within herself.  They quickly departed and went for a bite of lunch.  By the time they were driving home, Lyn was nearly asleep in the car, exhausted.

Her stamina for even these little adventures is fading.  Even with that, they had a good day.


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