What kind of Geese?

Mom and Lyn pass several fields around town which usually have flocks of geese or cranes in them.  Lyn knows the routes to their various destinations and when to look for the birds.  On the way to day hab, for example, she knows to look for the Canada geese as they pass by one of the local high schools.

Last week, they passed the field and Lyn started looking for the geese.  That morning, five were flying in as they were passing and she called out "Look up!"  Mom acknowledged that she saw them and asked Lyn if she knew what they were.  "They are geese."  Mom told Lyn she was right and asked if she knew what kind they were.

Without hesitation she said "Montana geese."
"Yes.  That's where I saw them!"
Mom asked if they could be Canada geese.
"No!  Montana geese!"

End of discussion.


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