Celebrating Her

Lyn had a good birthday, yesterday.

When she arrived at day hab, the staff were ready with a cake.  They started singing "Happy Birthday" to her as she walked in the door.  She was delighted!

After day hab, she came home and found cards and a couple of presents on the dining table waiting for her.  Again, she was happy and excited to find what was in the wrappings.

When I got off work and called to wish her a happy birthday, they were already gone to an early dinner.  They were going to El Pinto, a family favorite.  Lyn had decided that she'll celebrate there as well.

"I might even order a virgin."  This is what she says when she wants a strawberry daiquiri.  She doesn't imbibe and always wants her drink without the rum.  Mom has to quickly translate to the wait staff when Lyn leans forward and ends her order with "And I'd like a virgin!"  If the staff has waited on her before, they tend to remember her and don't need the translation.

Hers comes with whip cream.


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