More Beads

Lyn received a gift card to a craft supply store for Christmas and decided she had to spend it this weekend.  Mom took her and knew from the moment they walked in that Lyn would select one and only one item; a bucket of beads.

Lyn has hundreds of beads already.  She's not made a beaded item in quite some time.  It didn't matter because she "needed to get different colors" than she already had.  The gift card was sufficient to purchase the biggest bucket of beads in colors she didn't have that was available and she was happy.  Upon their arrival home, Lyn set up a tray, found her divided container and set to work sorting the beads.

She hates the fact that the beads come mixed like jellybeans in the bucket.  She really wishes they were pre-sorted like many jewelry making beads.  And so, she sat for hours, sorting the beads into individual colors while watching figure skating.  She would pick out a couple of beads of the same color using a toothpick before sliding them into the bin.  Fortunately, she had two containers to hold her beads.  She was happy and occupied for hours and it exhausted her.

She was sound asleep by 5:30.  She didn't care that PBR was to come on TV at 6pm.  She didn't care that she needed her hair washed.  She was struggling to stay awake by 5pm.

Now that the beads are her focus for the moment, she may make something with them again.


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