Circus 2014

Several weeks ago, the representative from the Shriner's Circus called Mom to see if Lyn would like tickets to this year's show.  The tickets were graciously accepted and they were able to attend yesterday's matinee.

As they approached the venue, two clowns approached and called to Lyn by name.  They had been prepped before the show and knew who they were looking to greet.

Lyn was excited to visit with the clowns and didn't seem in any way surprised that they knew her name without having been previously introduced.  During the show, the slapstick antics of the clowns got her laughing to the point that she had tears streaming down her face.

Their seats were front and center allowing them to have a great view of the entire show.  Shortly after they arrived and settled, another clown brought the Grand Potentate over to meet Lyn.  He welcomed her and thanked her for being their special guest at the show.  Lyn was very flattered and pleased by the attention.

She settled in with a box of popcorn and watched the show.  The trapeze and the motorcycle acts were her favorites.  Mom spent as much time watching Lyn's enjoyment of the show as she did watching the show.

Afterwards, they went for a late lunch at the Wendy's were Lyn used to work.  Two of her former customers were there and they recognized her.  They came over to speak to her and tell her how glad they were to see her.  She was thrilled!  She didn't recognize or remember them.  That didn't matter.  They knew her and she felt special from their kind attention.

We spoke late in the afternoon.  She knew there would be a message from me on the phone when they got home.  She was right.  She insisted on telling me that they were "not out gallivanting around town."  I laughed at how earnest she was.  Apparently, circus attendance doesn't count as gallivanting.


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