Daily Challenges

Some days are more challenging than others.  Some weeks are even more challenging.  This seems to be one of those weeks.  Yes, it is only Wednesday.

On Monday, Lyn had speech therapy for the first time in three weeks.  She had been ill prompting a cancellation.  Her therapist was ill next.  Fortunately, both were able to meet this week.  Lyn really struggled with the session.  She was unable to convey any of her exciting weekend to her therapist.  She had slept and it was gone.  When they worked on her reading, Mom noted a decline in words she could recognize.  Mom watched as Lyn was able to identify the word "dogs" on one page.  When the page was turned and the word was available on another page, Lyn was no longer able to recognize it. Without seeing the book, I can only speculate that Lyn may have been relying upon other clues on the the page, such as a picture, to help her identify the word.

She spent Monday afternoon with her respite provider.  When they returned home, Lyn was tired and confused.  She could not remember how they had spent their time.

On Tuesday, Lyn's team meeting was held and Lyn's attitude was peeking through.  Her team got a bit of a flavor for Lyn that they don't often see.   Lyn snapped her answers, glared at Mom, was hateful in her tone and withdrawn when not speaking to anyone directly.  She's convinced herself that the staff leave the house after the meeting to go sit in their cars and laugh at her.  Assurances that they do not went no where to ease her mind.  When they left, Lyn went into full paranoia mode.  Only Nikka could calm or redirect her successfully.

Yesterday afternoon, Lyn called to Mom from the bathroom.  "I don't know what happened."  Her period had started but she didn't know what it was.  Her last one was about 2 weeks.  It lasted only about 3 days.  She's had one hot flash that we know of.  She may have had more.  We're, honestly, hoping that menopause is starting.

Here's to hoping that the week gets better.


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