My Little Gimme Pig

One of my hobbies is crochet.  I have made a couple of things for Lyn including a pair of mittens.  I share pictures of all I make with Mom and Lyn and it is not unusual for Lyn to comment that she wants something that I've made.  When someone says "I want" a lot, that's a gimme pig.

This week, I completed a rainbow stuffed animal for my youngest.  Lyn decided the toy was cute and declared that I should make her a rainbow shirt.  Mom told Lyn that it would be too scratchy and the conversation was ended.  When Mom relayed this to me, I offered to find a rainbow t-shirt to send her instead.  It turns out to have not been necessary.

Lyn has already forgotten about the conversation or her desire for a rainbow anything or another crochet item from me.


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