Our SAGE Results

Last month, I shared with you information about the SAGE tests which are available for all of us to take at home.

There are four interchangeable tests which are designed to help identify individuals with cognitive impairments.  Mom, my husband and I all decided to take the tests.  Any score greater than a 17 is considered normal and nothing to worry about.  We all had identical scores of 20 out of a possible 22.  There was one question which we all answered in the same manner and believe our answer to be correct.  However, since it didn't match the test exactly, we've decided to not award ourselves those points.

The tests are free, readily accessible and easy to execute.  The great thing is that we can take them once or twice a year on our own and bring them forward if we ever see a score dip below 17.  As time progresses, we'll also have built up a collection of the tests which will help identify our baselines.

I am not concerned that taking the tests even twice a year will provide us with practice which can skew our test results.  We plan to rotate through the tests.  Additionally, the skills being tested are ones that we use on a daily basis without even realizing it.  Finally, the specific tests have been found to consistently provide an indicator of difficulties no matter how much the test taker tries to perform at their best.


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