Snow Days

This winter has brought a number of storms to the East Coast.  We are currently under the sway of winter storm Pax and are anticipating as much as a foot of snow.  Our school system announced its closure last night.  This made me think back over the early years with Lyn.

Through the time I was in elementary and Lyn was in middle school, we walked to the end of our street to our babysitter's house for after school care.  The sitter took care of us when school was out as well.  Snow days were no exception.

When I was old enough to stay home without the need for constant supervision, Lyn stayed with me.  Snow days, summer days, vacation days were all the same unless we were at our grandparents or off to camp.  We would stay home together and watch tv and squabble.  Those were the days she perfected her ability to annoy me to distraction.

Mom worked for an escrow company at the time and there was no such thing as telecommuting.  Mom was a single parent and our snow days didn't mean that her employer closed.  So, she still had to get to work on time.  Fortunately, the snow days in Albuquerque were few and far between.  We had more delayed starts to school than cancellations.

We didn't even own a snow shovel.  We'd take a broom out and just sweep the snow off our step and walk when necessary.  


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