IT Support

Over the years, my husband has provided computers and IT support to Mom and Lyn.  When Mom's computer is upgraded, Lyn gets the retired model.  She typically only looks at pictures or plays solitaire or a bowling game.

Last week, Lyn was struggling with her computer.  When she would turn it on, it would try to boot up.  Within a minute, however, it would shut down.  She complained to Mom.  The computer did the same thing when Mom checked it out.  Mom told Lyn to leave it until IT support would be available. She mentioned a desire to talk with my husband about it during our Skype conversation.  Her other option is a neighbor but he was unavailable.  Lyn was content knowing that one of the two men would be willing to help.

A day or two later, Mom decided to dust in Lyn's room while she was at day hab.  As she dusted Lyn's desk, she discovered that Lyn's computer was unplugged.  Mom plugged it in, waited a few moments and then tried booting up Lyn's computer.  It worked!

Mom was pleased and told Lyn, "I have a surprise for you.  I fixed your computer."

Mom writes: OMG, I wish you could have seen her face.  She turned red and informed me that I didn't know about computers, "only (the men) do."  I told her to calm down and not use that tone of voice with me.  "Come here and I'll show you."  We went back and I turned it on and stood back.  She was not a happy camper.  I showed her the problem was a cord was unplugged.  "Yes, I like it that way."  It was very, very difficult not to burst out laughing.  I told her that was why it wouldn't stay on and she was to leave it plugged in.

When we spoke this weekend, Lyn informed me that she's decided to just go to Best Buy and buy a new computer the next time hers won't turn on even if it was because she unplugged it.


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