There's enough improvement in Lyn that she was able to go to day hab yesterday.  Mom knew she's be up for the day when her mood was hateful and yet her speech pattern had normalized.  The infection has definitely moved into her chest though.  She describes it as feeling like there's a bubble she just cannot cough up.

I called early in the evening to check on her.  She had a good day but was exhausted.  When I spoke to her, she had just finished dinner and was already fading fast.  She couldn't make a decision.  She didn't know if she should watch Wheel of Fortune or if she should take a bath.  Mom suggested that she take a bath since she didn't feel good.  Lyn was in the tub moments later.

The phrase "I can't make a decision" is her new normal.  It used to happen once in a while.  Now, she really cannot make a decision and seeks guidance.


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