2015 Already?

Is it really 2015?  

It amazes me how quickly 2014 passed.  When I think of the time that we've been writing Dementia Be Damned, it surprises me that we're now into our 4th year.  I remember standing in my living room pitching the idea of the blog to Mom and it definitely doesn't seem like that conversation was four years ago.

While we anticipate 2015 will be a year of change for Lyn, we hope to make it a good one for her.  She's firmly in the middle stages of the disease and we don't know how much longer she'll be an active participant in life.  So, each day we can keep her engaged and active is worth the effort.

We deeply appreciate the thoughtful messages you have shared with us privately as well as those shared here on DBD.  I'm always surprised when I learn of a new reader to the blog.  Most recently a note about it was included in a Christmas card I received.  (Thank you for that!)  

We deeply appreciate your continued reading.  We fully recognize that watching someones life end can be pretty grim.  We hope to celebrate the positive even as we document the challenges in providing care to Lyn.  After all, her challenges are not significantly different from any other Alzheimer's patient.  Yes, she's significantly younger and she is intellectually disabled.  However, I've learned over the past four years that my sister's progression through Alzheimer's is not unique.  Once you take away her two differentiating factors of age and initial mental capacity, Lyn's Alzheimer's experience is actually pretty run of the mill.  

So, as 2015 dawns and we wake up to face another day, we thank you and wish you much happiness in the year to come.


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