Confusion Over A Cancelled Activity

On Thursday, Lyn was supposed to go to the Bio Park with a group from day hab.  However, it was bitterly cold and the staff wisely decided to postpone the trip until the temperatures rise again.  The staff explained to the Lyn and the others that they couldn't go because of the cold.

They then asked each person who signed up for the trip if he or she understood the reason why they would not be going.  The others expressed understanding and confirmed with comments like "I don't want to get that cold."  Lyn said she understood but was just mimicking what was being said.  When the conversation was over, she approached a different staff member and asked when they were going to the Bio Park, wanting to know if they would go before or after lunch.  The staff explained again and tried to redirect her with a run to a store to pick up snacks.

When Lyn returned with the staff from the store, she again was confused and asking about the trip to the Bio Park.  She was confused about why they went to the store instead of the park.  Once again, they explained it to her.  It wasn't making sense to her and she told the staff she had "things in my head but I don't know how to get it out."  Lyn decided to try a different tactic by asking when Mom would pick her up.

When Mom arrived, the director stepped out to speak with her, letting her know of the confusion.  The director also spoke about how they're seeing so much more confusion from Lyn on a daily basis.   Mom let them know about the hearing loss and stressed that the confusion is just going to increase as she transitions through the disease.  They had a couple of minutes before Lyn came out with her coat, ready to go.  She asked what Mom and the director were speaking about.  When they shared the topic, Lyn started talking about how she just didn't know why they didn't go to the Bio Park, confirming all that the director had just shared.


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