A Little Revenge is in Order

A package arrived at my home right around New Years.  It contained the paper chain that Lyn had decided to make.

When she had announced she was going to make one, I tried to convince her that Mom needed it hanging off her china hutch or her office book shelf.  My mistake was doing the encouraging where Mom could hear because Mom was able to intervene and redirect Lyn to making it with the intention of sending it to me.

Being the dutiful sister who can laugh at herself, I've hung it up.

It's not long enough to span the entire frame, but decorates enough for my purposes.  Lyn was able to see it hanging behind me when we Skyped this weekend.  She was very pleased and really that's what it is all about.

Now... I think I need to fuse some perler beads to send Grandma some designs from my youngest.  Two can play this game.


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