Following Up on Auditory Issues

Lyn had her doctor's appointment to follow up on the hearing issues.  Just a reminder, she's been having auditory hallucinations and complains of hearing loss in the left ear.

The doctor said the left ear drum is not inflamed, blocked by wax or filled with fluid.  There was a small bit of wax which they removed.  Visually, everything looks fine but the hearing loss is cause for referral to an audiologist.  They were able to get Lyn scheduled for an exam with an audiologist next week.

The doctor confirmed that hearing loss, particularly on the left side is fairly common in Alzheimer's patients.  She also confirmed that Lyn's having hallucinations.  She praised Lyn for letting us all know when she hears something or someone and cannot identify the source.

The doctor asked if it was time to consider introducing medication to help ease Lyn's increasing agitation and disorientation.  She acknowledged that Mom and Lyn may not be really ready for daily medical interventions but felt it was time to start offering.  Mom has said "No for now."  They will revisit this topic with each subsequent visit.

So our concerns about Lyn's auditory issues have been confirmed and another appointment will be scheduled.


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