The Heart Has It

Winter has been bitter in New Mexico this year.  Mom's actually had to deal with more than one day of snow.  The roads have been slick and icy in spots.  On days like those, she really would prefer to stay at home.  To get Lyn to day hab, she has to drive half way across the city, over 15 miles and back.  A few hours later, she makes the same trip to pick Lyn up in the afternoon.

Earlier this week, there was a day of nasty weather and Mom tried to convince Lyn that it was OK to skip a day of day hab.  They could stay home, stay toasty warm and just relax.  Lyn refused.  She insisted she had to go to day hab.  She had to help out.  They were counting on her.  Mom decided the hassle of a drive on a wintery day was less than the hassle of a disgruntled Lyn cooped in the house for the day.

When Mom arrived back at day hab to pick Lyn up, Lyn handed her something and said "This is for you but you have to send a picture to (me)."

This was the reason why Lyn insisted she had to go to day hab.  She was making hearts for Valentines.  A staff member helped with the cutting and Lyn did all the gluing.

I smiled when I saw the picture for a couple of reasons.  First, her face looks so smooth in this picture and almost serene; not a scowl as there often is.  I can still see the downturn in the mouth, but it is a pretty good picture of her.  Second, I am glad that she made something for Mom.  Even if the delivery was brusque, she still put time and thought into it.  I love that she was insistent that this was important enough to drive across the city to accomplish or at least more important than staying home in her mind.  Finally, I love her fashion sense.


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