Over Stimulation

One day last week when Mom picked Lyn up from day hab, the receptionist said "she had a problem with her head today."  It took a series of careful question on the way home to determine what was going on.  Mom has to be careful to not plant suggestions in the conversation or Lyn will grab onto that as her answer.

Lyn was overwhelmed.  While day hab wasn't too noisy and there wasn't too much activity, she became overstimulated with what little was going on.  She can't describe what was happening in her brain or how it made her feel other than "weird things."

Day hab does have a quiet room that she can use when she's feeling her brain doing weird things.  Mom spoke with Lyn, encouraging her to tell the staff that she needs a little quiet time.  Knowing that Lyn won't remember this advice, Mom has spoken to the staff to let them know that if she gets like this again, she should be encouraged to take a break from the main room.  The staff at this day hab have been very responsive to Lyn and I'm sure they'll take this little change in stride.

As a side note, Lyn's reporting hearing voices in different rooms now and will go from room to room to see who's talking.  So far, she's not gotten upset about it but does keep looking for the speaker.  Tomorrow, Lyn sees her doctor about the reduced hearing in her left ear and the increase in auditory hallucinations.  I don't know if they'll perform a hearing test in the office or send her to an audiologist.

Correction:  Her appointment is Wednesday.


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